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Why Graphol?

Completely visual representation of the ontology, to help understanding for people not skilled in logic. 

A Graphol ontology is a graph: no formulas or textual syntax, only nodes and edges.

Graphol's basic shapes are taken directly from ER diagrams, for easy understanding.

Maximum expressive capability: Graphol can graphically represent OWL 2 ontologies fully.

Complex OWL 2 axioms rendered through combination of simple nodes and edges in the ontology diagram.

Graphol is equipped with a custom graphical editor: Eddy.

Full support for Graphol syntax, automatic composition, real-time syntactic checking.

Export to OWL 2 for interoperability with OWL 2 editors and reasoners.

What does a Graphol ontology look like?

Here are some examples of popular OWL 2 ontologies in Graphol.

Graphol in action

Graphol is used successfully to represent ontologies in many projects with Italian and international partners.

Graphol is also used in academic projects to model ontologies.

Download and licensing

Download Example Ontologies

LUBM Ontology  (.graphol) (OWL) (.jpeg)

Pizza Ontology   (.graphol) (OWL) (.jpeg)

Family Ontology (.graphol) (OWL) (.jpeg)