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Overview of Eddy's features

Designed expressly for the specification and visualisation of Graphol ontologies.

Easy ontology drawing thanks to point-and-click or drag-and-drop from Eddy's palette of Graphol symbols.

Quick and mistake-free editing with advanced drawing features for automatic composition.

Real-time error checking prevents users from syntactic mistakes in the ontology.

Full syntactic checking of the ontology allows finding any mistakes in Graphol ontologies imported from external sources.

Clear color-coded feedback to user for correct and incorrect actions.

Choose your profile: Eddy provides proof-checking for OWL 2, and the OWL 2 QL and RL profiles.

Eddy is fully customisable thanks to its plug-in framework. We welcome contributions from the community!

The editing canvas in the central viewport area offers a comfortable drawing environment.

Eddy's lateral docking areas contain specifically-designed widgets for editing, navigating and inspecting open diagrams.

To allow interaction with third-party tools such as OWL 2 reasoners and editors like Protégé, Eddy can export the Graphol ontology in OWL 2.

Support for IRIs: unique identification in the Web of the elements of the ontology.

A short demo

Download and licensing

Please take a moment to register before downloading Eddy, we will let you know of upcoming new features and releases.
You will be redirected to Eddy's repository on Github where you can download the latest versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Eddy is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.