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Overview of Eddy's features

Designed expressly for the specification and visualisation of Graphol ontologies.

Easy ontology drawing thanks to point-and-click or drag-and-drop from Eddy's palette of Graphol symbols.

Quick and mistake-free editing with advanced drawing features for automatic composition.

Real-time error checking prevents users from syntactic mistakes in the ontology.

Full syntactic checking of the ontology allows finding any mistakes in Graphol ontologies imported from external sources.

Clear color-coded feedback to user for correct and incorrect actions.

Choose your profile: Eddy provides proof-checking for OWL 2, and the OWL 2 QL and RL profiles.

Eddy is fully customisable thanks to its plug-in framework. We welcome contributions from the community!

The editing canvas in the central viewport area offers a comfortable drawing environment.

Eddy's lateral docking areas contain specifically-designed widgets for editing, navigating and inspecting open diagrams.

To allow interaction with third-party tools such as OWL 2 reasoners and editors like Protégé, Eddy can export the Graphol ontology in OWL 2.

Support for IRIs: unique identification in the Web of the elements of the ontology.

A short demo

Download and licensing

Eddy is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Each platform-specific package contains the Eddy editor plus some popular example Graphol ontologies to get you started.


Eddy is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 and its source code is publicly available on Github.