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OBDA Systems proposes state-of-the-art solutions based on the most recent innovations in the field of semantic technologies to provide its clients with a direct and effective means for extracting key data from large and complex datasets. The foundation of these solutions is representation and reasoning through ontology modelling. OBDA Systems is privately controlled by Almawave, a company of the AlmavivA Group.

Our services

Ontology design

Definition of an ontological model of the domain of interest of a business organization, expressed through a graphical language that is easy to understand for the end user, and supplied with a rich documentation.

Data source analysis

In-depth analysis of the data sources of the business organization, in order to produce a complete documentation of the database, comprising the conceptual model.

Ontology-based data access

Direct end-user access to data through the definition of SPARQL queries over the ontology, exploiting Mastro's automatic ontology reasoning techniques.

Data integration

The global view provided by the ontology offers a mean to achieve direct access and integration of the information that can be spread out over several underlying data sources.

Data quality

The definition of an ontological model and its connection through mappings to the data sources allow to evaluate the quality of the data with respect to the semantic constraints of the ontology.

Open data

Adoption of the techniques and standards of the Semantic Web to form semantic links to other ontologies on the Web, producing datasets through the ontology which achieve the 5 stars of the Open Data.

Our products

Mastro is an OBDA management system. Ontologies in Mastro are specified through languages of the DL-Lite family of lightweight Description Logics. The ontology is connected to external relational data management or data federation systems through a mapping establishing a semantic relation between SQL queries issued over the underlying databases and elements of the ontology. To access data, users can specify SPARQL queries over the ontology and exploit Mastro's query answering services.

Mastro Studio is a web-based platform for data management through the OBDA paradigm. Mastro Studio provides an environment for documentation and inspection of the components of an OBDA specification (ontology, mappings, and data sources), and an interface for the ontology reasoning services offered by Mastro, the OBDA reasoner at its core. An example of these services is a SPARQL endpoint, through which users can query the underlying data sources through the ontology.

The Mastro Plug-in for Protégé, the world's most popular ontology editor, allows to access all of the services provided by the Mastro system from Protégé. Along with the intentional reasoning features and the SPARQL query answering services provided by Mastro, the Plug-in also features a query engine for managing a query catalog, and an editor for Mastro mappings, through which users can create, modify, and inspect a full Mastro mapping specification, composed of the mappings for the ontology elements and the SQL views.

Eddy is a graphical editor for Graphol ontologies, which provides the user, along with the ability to compose ontology expressions and assertions in the Graphol language, also with numerous editing features explicitly tailored for Graphol. These features include, among others, real-time error checking of the ontology to prevent users from making syntactic mistakes, automatic composition of nodes and edges in the ontology diagram, and translation of the Graphol ontology into OWL 2 or one of its profiles.

Our Research

The technological and scientific foundation of the products and services proposed by OBDA Systems is the research performed by its founders during the last decade in the context of semantic technologies and the use of ontologies as a tool for data access, and the experience acquired in the field during the last five years in partnership with important companies from the private and public domain.

The main outcome of these experience is the definition of the Ontology-Based Data Access paradigm, which uses knowledge representation and reasoning techniques to face key issues such as access, integration, and quality checking of data, in the context of the governance of information assets such as data, meta-data, services, and processes of modern information systems.

Open Data is another important application of our semantics technologies. Indeed, OBDM opens up the possibility of a new way of management and publishing data, with the idea of annotating data items with the ontology elements that describe them in terms of the concepts in the domain of the of interest. 

Another significant achievement has been the development of the Graphol visual language for ontology modelling, which has been proven to be suitable for providing a representation of the ontology that is capable of meeting the requirements of both ontology designers and domain experts.

Our team


Full Professor in Computer Engineering at Sapienza, he is a maximum worldwide expert in data and service modelling, knowledge representation, and semantic technologies. 

Maurizio Lenzerini
President & Co-founder

Chief Technical Officer of Almawave S.p.a., and CEO of OBDA Systems since 2021.

Raniero Romagnoli

Computer Engineering Ph.D. in 2015, in 2017 he co-founded and became C.T.O. of OBDA Systems. He is now actively involved in R&D, in our projects, and in travelling around the world. 

Valerio Santarelli
CTO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder of OBDA Systems, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Sapienza and all-purpose musician, he is the lead developer of the Mastro System, and coordinates the deployment of Mastro in our research and business projects. 

Marco Ruzzi
R&D & Co-Founder

Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at Sapienza University, his research has contributed to the definition of the DL-Lite family of description logics, the base of the OWL 2 QL standard of the W3C, and to the creation and development of the OBDA approach.

Domenico Lembo
Project manager & Co-Founder

Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at Sapienza, she has focused her research on database theory and data integration, and now is in charge of the Magister national research project. 

Antonella Poggi
Project manager & Co-Founder
domenico fabio savo

Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at Sapienza, his work has focused on information and data management, in particolar on automated reasoning and inconsistency. He is a leading member of OBDA Systems's research and project development team.

Domenico Fabio Savo
Scientific Counselor & Co-Founder

Full Professor in Computer Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, he has co-authored more than 200 scientific publications in, among others, information integration and service composition, and his research contributed to the definition of the OBDA paradigm.

Giuseppe De Giacomo
Scientific Councelor & Co-Founder

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 2017, Lorenzo's expertise include data access through ontologies and meta-level querying. He is part of OBDA Systems's team of developers for the Mastro and Mastro Studio systems.

Lorenzo Lepore
R&D & Co-Founder

When he is not playing guitar, Giacomo is the leading developer of the Mastro Protégé Plugin, and is involved in the development of the Mastro OBDA system and in our OBDA projects.

Giacomo Ronconi

Manuel is a Computer Engineer with expertise, among others, in software engineering. He is the lead developer for the Eddy project.

Manuel Namici

Studiare S.R.L. is co-founder and partner of OBDA Systems. Studiare operates in the context of methodologies, techniques, and tools for the acquisition, representation, and the elaboration of knowledge, transferring the most recent breakthroughs in scientific innovation to these fields. Studiare is specialized in consulting for industrial innovation, in developing industrial projects and business models for innovation, ontological analysis, and information system design.


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